Luxating PatellaAAHA AccreditationSenior Pet Care Part IIFirst Aid Kit for Birds

Luxating Patella

Luxating Patella What is a Patella? The patella is a small bone that is located on the front of the stifle (or knee) within a large tendon.  It slides along a groove in the femur (thigh bone) when we bend and extend our knee.  Most of us call it a kneecap and we can easily…
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AAHA Accreditation

Did you know that we have been AAHA Accredited since 2011?  What is AAHA?   AAHA stands for the American Animal Hospital Association.  AAHA was founded in 1933 and their mission is to: • Enhance the abilities of veterinarians to provide quality medical care to companion animals • Enable veterinarians to successfully conduct their practices…
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Senior Pet Care Part II

Senior Pet Care Part II – Other Species With the constant advancement of veterinary medicine, our pets are living longer than ever.  This doesn’t just apply to dogs and cats anymore.  Birds, hamsters, rabbits and ferrets, to name a few are living longer than ever with a better quality of life.  Here are some tips for…
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First Aid Kit for Birds

 Putting a kit together Having a few items on hand for when a situation arises can mean a world of difference for your bird.  We recommend putting a kit together of these items so they are handy if you ever need them.   First Aid Kit 1. Phone number of avian veterinarian including after hours contact…
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