Dangers Around Easter

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Easter is one of those super-fun holidays that will often get missed on the ‘watch your pet’ lists.  People don’t tend to pig-out like they do with Thanksgiving or Christmas.  They aren’t often as heavily laden with family members like the major holidays, either.  This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any dangers to be aware of as a matte of fact these days are the days when more things are about to be out of the ordinary, while you are busy celebrating and preparing for the festivities your pet is looking for an opportunity to get away with things they are not usually exposed to.

Here are just a couple of dangers to keep in mind when enjoying the nicer weather and sweet treats.

Sugar Land Veterinarian Pet clinic lilyEaster Lilies 

These beautiful flowers are in abundance around this time of year.   People are attracted to them because of their luscious appearance and fragrant smell.  They are often kept indoors and given as gifts.  As most lily species, these are toxic to cats if ingested.  All parts of the lily are toxic including the petals, leaves and stem.




Sugar Land Veterinarian Pet clinic chocolate bunnyChocolate

Chocolate makes multiple lists every year and that’s because it is worth mentioning every time.  Chocolate is highly toxic (depending on the type and quantity) to dogs.  It is likewise a problem when they eat the wrappers (often foil type around the holidays) in addition to the candy.  Treats hidden in eggs aren’t a great enough deterrent and dogs have a sensitive enough sense of smell to find whatever might be left behind.  Rats can actually process chocolate much like people can.  However, we do not recommend rats being fed chocolate due to its high calorie content.

Sugar Land Veterinarian Pet clinic Easter ham


There are many reasons why you should avoid feeding people food to your pet.  High fat foods can cause a serious condition in dogs called Pancreatitis which can be costly to treat and is painful for the dog.  They can also help promote obesity.  A lesser (but no less significant) concern is encouraging begging at mealtime.  There is never an excuse for bad manners. ?



Sugar Land Veterinarian Pet clinic easter

Easter Grass

This decorative fake grass fills the baskets of eager kids each year.  It’s colorful and crinkly.  Attractive for any bored feline looking for something to get their paws into.  It poses many dangers if ingested.  Foreign bodies (whether a little or a lot is ingested) are the biggest concern.  These can be serious (often fatal) and frequently require surgery.


Xylitol is an artificial sweetener found in candies and gum labeled ‘sugar-free.’  It causes the body to release insulin which plummets the blood pressure (hypoglycemia) in dogs.  It can also cause liver damage.

Sugar Land Veterinarian Pet clinic toys

Small Easter Toys

Birds can develop a toxicity to metals that have zinc and lead in them.  If any small Easter toys that are often included in baskets have metal parts, this metal should be kept away from birds for the potential of it including lead or zinc.  Ferrets should also be kept away from these toys for a different reason.  They are often mischievous and mouthy.  If they chew on and ingest little plastic pieces of toy they could become impacted with a foreign body which often needs surgical intervention.

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