Pet of the Month – December

Sugar Land Veterinarian Pet clinicPet of the Month – December

Nasty is a retired Contract War Dog. Our military cannot train dogs fast enough, so they hire contract dogs to supplement. (We call him the “Chocolate Mercenary.”) Nasty was bred in Germany and shipped while a puppy. When he arrived in Northern Texas after many hours of traveling, the trainer reached into the crate, picked him up under his front legs and held him up to look him over. The puppy (for the only time in his life without a command) growled, and the trainer said, “Well, aren’t you just the nasty one?” ….and it stuck. That’s how our handsome sweet boy was named “Nasty.” Nasty spent two years in Kandahar with the 10th Mountain then two years in Iraq with the State Department. His specialty is explosives and weapons detection. While in Afghanistan, he patrolled the mountains on the border with Pakistan searching for hidden weapons an insurgents. Returning to the US, Nasty worked for Homeland Security, the Treasury Department and the IRS. Nasty was retired in February 2011. He came to live with us the first of July, 2011. He was quickly retrained as Mother’s service dog. Because Nasty had such an intense emotional and physical working life, we want to provide a comfortable and rewarding retirement, which includes the best veterinary care available. So we came to ABC. Thanks to the care and attention Nasty receives form everyone at ABC, he is enjoying his retirement in excellent health. Nasty loves to visit all his friends at ABC Animal & Bird Clinic!

Sugar Land Veterinarian Pet clinicWant to know more about retired military dogs?

Retired contract and military war dogs are highly trained and intelligent animals. The ones that are made available for public adoptions are carefully matched with prospective homes. They are easily and quickly retrained as service dogs. Just remember, THEY ARE RETIRED. You will be adopting a middle aged to senior dog, some of whom have sustained injuries. Unfortunately, you will not be able to share as many years of his life as you would by adopting a puppy. But if you are looking for a devoted, adoring companion to share your life, you can’t find better. Military dogs are retired as “Excess Equipment.” As such, they are not entitled to any benefits. Until recently, they were regularly euthanized. Contract war dogs are still frequently euthanized upon retirement because they are no longer an asset and no one wants them. To save the life of a dog who has saved lives in war zones, in response to disasters, while protecting our borders and homeland, visit

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