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What about Pet Nutrition?

Did you know that we carry a variety of high-quality diets suitable for your pet’s nutritional needs?

Sugar Land veterinarian pet clinic premium pet foodWe recommend both Hill’s Prescription Diets and Royal Canin Prescription Diets when your pet suffers from a medical condition that can be aided with nutritional support.  These are diets such as Hill’s K/D for kidney disease, Hill’s J/D for joint support (clinically proven), Hill’s Metabolic for weight loss and many, many more. 

We also recommend Science Diet’s Healthy Advantage for the maintenance of healthy dogs and cats.  With Science Diet’s Healthy Advantage, Hill’s took five of their most beneficial diets and combined them into one.  It promotes healthy skin and hair coat, aids in digestion, is available in a larger kibble that has their dental diet’s (Hill’s T/D) technology for healthy teeth and gums, has no fillers that promote unnecessary calorie intake and includes supplements for joint function.

ABC Animal And Bird Clinic,Nutrition, Prescriptions, Avian Specialization Certification, AAHA accretided animal hospital, emergencies, grooming, boarding and exotic animal veterinarian servicesAnother medical condition that can benefit from nutritional support are allergies.  Typically in our dogs and cats allergies can be caused by four different things.  Food, inhalant, flea and contact are the major culprits.  Food allergies account for 10-20% of allergic responses.

Contrary to popular belief, the most common ingredients that dogs are allergic to are beef, dairy, wheat, lamb and chicken and beef, dairy, fish and chicken in cats.  As a side note, diets labeled “grain-free” have a low chance of actually improving symptoms since wheat allergies in our pets are not common.

Often, our pets suffer from more than one type of allergy.  It is for this reason that we will often recommend a “diet trial,” so that we can see if symptoms are improved with a diet targeting a potential food allergy.

Sugar Land Veterinarian Pet clinic premium pet foodFor food allergies there are two different types of diets.  Hypoallergenic (hydrolyzed) and novel-protein.  There are only a handful of diets out there that are considered genuinely hydrolyzed.  These foods have a protein source that is broken down into such small parts that the body does not recognize it as an allergen.  We choose Hill’s and Royal Canin because they can guarantee that their hydrolyzed diets are produced on equipment that are not contaminated with other foods containing other proteins.  They control their manufacturing from start to finish.  Most companies cannot make this claim.

Novel protein diets are ones that have a primary protein source that are unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.  If the common allergies are to beef, dairy, wheat. lamb, chicken and fish, selecting a diet with a different protein source (such as venison) can be beneficial.

Sugar Land Veterinarian Pet clinic premium pet foodFor environmental allergies, Hill’s just launched their new Derm Defense diet.  This is a unique food formulated to help stop the allergic response when that pet comes into contact with an allergen in their environment.  It also has nutrients that help to support the skin barrier.

These companies are dedicated to producing high quality pet foods.  They put a lot of resources and research into ensuring their diets are safe and effective.

What is a diet trial?

ABC Animal and Bird Clinic, Animal Surgery Sugar Land Texas, Exotic Animal Surgery, Pet Grooming, Pet Boarding, Pet Surgery, Surgical Pet Sterilization, Emergency Pet Care in Sugar Land, Exotic Pet Care in Sugar Land, Veterinary in Sugar Land, Exotic Animal Veterinary ServicesA diet trial is performed for a minimum of 12 weeks.  During this time, the pet is fed nothing but the new (ideally hypoallergenic) formula.  This includes no table food, no treats and no flavored medications.  At the end of the 12 weeks, the pet can be assessed for improvement.  At this time they can stay on the hypoallergenic diet or move to a novel-protein diet as their new maintenance diet.

Click here to access our pet nutrition store, where you can fill your pet nutrition prescriptions or just regular food with quality ingredients that can help and maintain proper weight and health.