Dr. Kimberly Roset

Dr. Roset, a 2001 graduate of Texas A&M, grew up in the Austin area and attended Texas A&M University, where she obtained two bachelor degrees and a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine.  While attending Texas A&M, she was involved in numerous organizations which furthered her knowledge of avian and exotic medicine and spent her summers in avian research. ABC Animal and Bird Clinic, Animal Surgery Sugar Land Texas, Exotic Animal Surgery, Pet Grooming, Pet Boarding, Pet Surgery, Surgical Pet Sterilization, Emergency Pet Care in Sugar Land, Exotic Pet Care in Sugar Land, Veterinary in Sugar Land, Exotic Animal Veterinary Services. Grooming and Boarding Services in Sugar Land

 After graduation in 2001, she joined ABC Animal & Bird Clinic and has enjoyed seeing many different species of companion small animals.  Dr. Roset also enjoys the challenge of feline medicine, dentistry, surgery, and ultrasonic imaging.

In addition to a busy professional life, Dr. Roset shares her house with two young boys (Aidan and Ian).  Dr. Roset is also very active on her son's boy scouting careers and their way to the ultimate Eagle achievement thru camp outs, fund risers and everything and between. She has 2 cats who tolerate the humans in their house and 2 Australian Shepherds.  Furthermore, she enjoys traveling and outdoor activities such as gardening, scuba diving, skiing, cycling, and sailing.

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