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Rigid Endoscopy for Exotics

A minimally invasive imaging technique.

If your exotic pet is struggling with digestive or respiratory issues, an endoscopy may be able to identify the problem. A rigid endoscopy is a minimally invasive diagnostic technique that allows us to examine the inside of your exotic pet's body without the need for surgery.

What are the benefits of utilizing pet endoscopy?

Perhaps the biggest draw of endoscopy is that it’s minimally invasive and requires very little recovery time. The entire procedure is performed with an endoscope, a thin, rigid instrument that acts almost as a telescope into the body. The endoscope is passed through either a small incision or a natural body cavity, such as the mouth, and can be used to visually examine the gastrointestinal tract, the respiratory tract, and the urogenital tract. Endoscopic visualization can help assess disease severity, tumor characteristics/location, or the presence of foreign material.

An endoscopic procedure can also allow biopsy samples to be taken using microsurgical instruments attached to the end of the instrument. This can be especially useful for getting samples of organ tissue, tumors, or even sites of infection.

We are happy to discuss your pet's symptoms and schedule an exam. From there, we can determine if endoscopy is the best course of action for your pet.

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Exotic Endoscopy

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